The Face Behind the Name

 Artwork by my dear friend Jaz

Artwork by my dear friend Jaz

My life is no crazy secret, no thrill seeking, jaw dropping episode for BRAVO, not even interesting enough to write a book, yet. I often sit at my computer desk thinking about why I sacrifice so much time and energy building this brand while my children are growing up so fast. I struggle with wearing the hat of wife, mother, business owner, friend and most importantly self on a daily basis. So what makes me continue? The love.

To wholeheartedly love what you do is a gift. Over the years I've pushed myself to indescribable limits, sacrificed more than I had ever imagined and will continue to do so because I am thankful for this gift bestowed upon me. I also do it because I love my tribe. Walking into work and knowing that my team is there for the same reasons makes my heart pitter patter. Together we share these gifts with our clients, family and friends who in return reward us with their smiles and their stories.  

My journey as an entrepreneur, creator, boss and individual may change as the years go by but this love I speak of will always remain. 

In a world where you can be anything, be kind
— unknown

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Oribe Hair Care is for those who know that personal style - perfectly expressed - is the ultimate luxury