Our spa, although intimate, is not the typical "fluff and puff" setting. We don't offer bathrobes and slippers but we do provide our guests with the utmost comfort and care. We warmly welcome you to explore an array of services provided by our spa personnel. 



 Signature Facial | 75

An excellent first-time treatment which calms, soothes and strengthens all skin types & conditions. A perfect polishing treatment for the bride-to-be.

Corrective Peels | 150

Our clinical strength corrective peels are an effective and painless way to rejuvenate your skin. These treatments have been shown to be an excellent, non-invasive way to help correct an abundance of skin concerns, including: Blemishes, Aging Sun Damage, Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma, Oily Skin & Enlarged Pores. It is recommended that these treatments are booked 3 weeks apart for the ultimate result.

Fire + Ice | 125

A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal.  No downtime.  Also know as the "Red Carpet Facial" in Hollywood. 


Deep Pore Treatment | 50

Red or Blue Light Therapy | 50

Ultrasonic | 30

High Frequency | 30





It’s here and here to stay. Enjoy an internationally known and loved treatment that will be sure to WOW you!

Experience it for yourself and find out why the celebs can’t get enough of this treatment

For the month of April | 99


Only HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. HydraFacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow. The best skin of your life starts here.


Introductory 30 mins | 150

Maintenance 30 mins | 199

Specialty Vials | 55-75




Sarah | 550

Stephanie | 650

Touch Ups | 250

*Please call for more information and to request our disclosure to reserve your treatment

*The rates differ due to international training


Lash Tint | 25

This treatment gives the eyelashes definition without having to use mascara. Tinting typically lasts 3-4 weeks.

Lash Lift | 85

Talk about a "WOW" service. With having done over 500 and counting lash lifts, this is the ultimate bang for your buck. Pair it with a tint and now you are really talking!

The treatment takes about 1 hour in which your eyes will be closed. Most take a nap during the process. If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Lash Lift and Tint Combo | 100


Ask us about our NEU favorite product, NeuLash! This serum has proven results, just ask us girls! Prices vary upon size | 95 -150 


Lash Extensions

Full Set | 250

Fill | 125


Our skilled and detailed waxing technicians safely remove hair in a private atmosphere to ensure maximum comfort. Our blue azulene wax gently removes hair on all parts of the body for up to six weeks. Please allow a 1/4 inch regrowth for hair removal and inform your technician if you are using retinoids or prescription skin medications prior to treatment.

Brows | 18-25

Lip | 7

Chin | 10

Nostrils | 5

Sides of Face | 15

Hairline | 10


Half Arm | 20

Full Arm | 30

Under Arm | 25

Bikini | 30-45

Abdomen | 15-35

Brazilian | 70

Lower Leg | 45

Upper Leg | 45

Lower Back | 20

Full Back | 50+

Tops of Feet / Toes | 10


Our organic airbrush tanning will help you look your best without damaging UV rays. We use organic, nut-free solutions that are not tested on animals.


Let us come to you! Get flawless in the privacy and comfort of your own home, hotel or office. Our airbrush technician arrives with a pop-up tent, proper exhaust equipment & disposables for the ultimate tanning experience. This option is great for parties and pre-wedding celebrations. Travel rates apply. Call for pricing.


Our express sunless solution is a premium and very convenient service! No more putting your daily routine on hold while your tan develops. Shower after an hour for a light glow, 90 minutes for a medium tan, and 3 hours for a dark tan. After you rinse, you can exercise immediately and not worry about ruining your tan. Get sprayed, shower and get on with your day!

Full Body includes face  |  55

Partial Body includes upper body or legs  |  30

Face & Neck Only  |  12


Clients should wait at least 8 to 12 hours for the sunless tan to develop. Wear loose, dark clothing. Do not allow your skin to come in contact with any water or product until your tan has fully developed. This means no make-up, moisturizer, and no activities that will cause you to sweat until after your first shower after 8 hours.

Full Body includes face  |  45 

Partial Body includes upper body or legs  | 25 

Face & Neck Only  |  10